We are proud to announce that we’ve joined the TAPA as a Security Service Provider.
TAPA is the world’s leading Security Expert Network for everyone in the supply chain and by joining this we hope to be able to assist its members and the industry to further secure the supply chain.

M-Protect offers 2 product lines that can be brought together to form an integrated security solution for transport and their loading space


ignition machine - intelligent block system - vehicle security - M-protect

Our solutions for vehicle security offer additional security layers to your vehicles or machines engine ignition.
Secure them with only a 4 digit access-code, secure them with a code determining the duration how long they can be used or secure them with an anti-carjack solution detecting the authorized driver is still behind the steering wheel.


load - cargo - loading space - van - M-protect - Vehicle security - secure load space

From a simple automatic doorlock with a mechanical pen lock to a fully connected digitally controlled security lock that remotely controls and manages access to your cargo space.
Your load is always under lock and key and you retain full control of who has access to it.

The combination of both systems offers a unique security layer for theft-sensitive transports.
Thanks to the integration possibilities with on-board telematics, you can also remotely monitor and control the entire security perimeter. So you decide who, when and where has access to your loading space.

For more information, reach out to us by sending an e-mail to sales@m-protect.net or complete the form bellow.
We will be happy to help you further secure your transports.



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