Customers security expectations

This HVAC contractor carries all its valuable goods and machinery in his truck when on a construction site.
Their truck is loaded with valuable working materials and is used during the works to safely store the ‘equipment to be installed’.
As they regularly use the crane during the job and are therefore working at height, they had to be sure that the load was safely locked away, as they could not be down there quickly to catch any potential robbers trying to access their equipment.

The LimoLock is the most robust, high quality and complete safety lock within the M-Protect range. Specially designed to protect loads in loading compartments of light commercial vehicles, heavy duty trucks, trailers and containers. The Limo Lock meets today’s market highest security demands.


The challenge was that the truck had 2 opening doors in the back, a side door and a separate material box for the crane, with 2 specific flaps. Each door had to be able to be opened or closed individually, so that once again in the city centre, nobody could abuse an unlocked door to quickly steal valuable working materials.

To realize this, 6 BasicLock  were connected to the Intelligent Lock Controller. A hidden emergency button was installed in the loading compartment to unlock the doors from the inside, should someone be accidentally trapped in the loading compartment.

This solution combines the protection of the loading space without sacrificing the convenience of the construction site


Don’t wait until it’s too late and your valuable tools are missing!



The keyboard is installed on the dashboard and can also be used to add an additional alarm. You can open the loading compartment by entering your PIN.

Pen protector

When the BasicLock is used to close one of two folding doors it’s advised to mount 2 pen protectors on the other
folding door, to avoid opening or forcing it and thus missing the extra security thanks to the BasicLock. These Pen Protector can also be placed on the sides of the doors (where the hinges are) to prevent the door from being opened by cutting the hinges.

M-Protect BasicLock


The BasicLock is an automatic electronic lock securing the door of your cargo space automatically on closing.
With a power of 200N and a INOX housing it definitely provides the required extra security for light commercial vehicles.
The 2 cm thick steel pin assures a definite and solid locking of the loading compartment.



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info aanvragen Security Of Contractor's Vehicle

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