The M-Protect products can be integrated to create a total security concept. Access to your vehicles can be controlled remotely completely using the solution below. This is possible through the M-Protect Remote Monitoring interface over your own communication channel or based on your own communication equipment that may or may not be integrated with your security systems.

The solution that we elaborate is an ideal example of how logistics company can protect their trucks. Their main concern is the load. It must be delivered to customers without issues. The company also wants to guarantee the safety of drivers since thefts and carjackings are becoming more and more common place.

Both the loading compartment and the driver are protected:

Limo Lock
Our Limo Lock protects the loading compartment of trucks. The loading compartment is protected against theft with the additional lock. Only authorised people can open the loading compartment.
Communication module
This truck can be monitored at all times and everywhere because of its integrated communication module: track & trace. This will mean that the office of the company will continue to be informed of the location and route of the truck.
A BCU guarantees that signals are received and forwarded. If, for example, someone wants to open a Limo Lock, the BCU
catches this signal and forwards this to the Limo Lock.
We decided upon using a BCU DL. It has a number of additional functions such as registering when a door or lock is not closed properly and detecting movement in the loading compartment.
Intelligent Carjacking Protect – Anti-carjack
The anti-carjacking solution detects whether an authorised driver is behind the wheel of the truck by retrieving a code. If the correct code is not given, for example, after a carjacking, the loud alarm will be triggered. Lights will start to fl ash, the horn is sounded and, once the vehicle has been stopped, it cannot be restarted.
Panic buttons
A silent alarm has also been integrated. If the button of the silent alarm is pressed, this will be reported through the telematics platform. Nothing can be noticed about the alarm in the vehicle itself.
Telematics solution
All data that is generated by the truck is sent to your telematics solution. The truck’s data and all other vehicles of the company that generate data will arrive together on this online platform.
This ensures that the truck can be monitored real time and that reports of historical data are generated.
Signals will also arrive here if the trucks are carjacked (loud alarm) or if the silent alarm is triggered. They will examine the next steps that must be undertaken.