Ultimate security for your loading compartiment

Protect the loading compartment of your truck or vehicle by locking 1 or more doors using the LimoLock security locks.
These heavy-duty digital locks are mounted where you want them to secure the access.
The control of the LimoLock can based on a wide range of inputs going from a basic keyboard, a remote control and/or a sophisticated access control protocol combining position of the vehicle, driver code and timestamp.

The LimoLock ensures that the loadingcompartiment can only be accessed by the right person, at the right place and at the right time.


  • Ideal for truck or van loading compartiments or containers doors
  • 100% tailor made configurable for automatic locking
  • Control operation through a keyboard, keypad or remote control
  • Digital operated controls guarantuee the highest anti-tamper protection level


Secure the rear door of a light commercial vehicle

Mounted on the rear door of a van the LimoLock will automatically close as soon as the door is closed.

Secure the sliding door of a light commercial vehicle

Mounted on the cabin wall the LimoLock will automatically close and secure the sliding door for being forced


Secure the rear door of a truck

Mounted on the rear door of a truck the LimoLock will automatically close as soon as the door is closed.

Secure the curtain door of a truck

Even with a curtain door on your truck, once the curtain is closed the LimoLock will close and access to your cargo will be secured

Truck with loading ramp

Even with trucks with loading ramps our LimoLock can be used to load the ramp once closed, besided interrupting the hydrolics


Block Control Unit

The Block Control Unit is the central intelligence system controlling the LimoLock and connected peripherals.
The BCU communicates over a digital secured protocol with the LimoLock. Besides initiating the opening and close commands of the Locks the BCU operates as a monitoring unit to scan the security environment on the presence of all connected peripherals and is capable of communicating with a remote server what the state of the security environment actually is ( door open, door closed, lock jammed, … )

Remote Control

In addition to the keyboard, an additional remote control can be used to open the LimoLock.
When the vehicle is equiped with multiple LimoLock’s each lock can be individually controlled.

Basic keyboard

The keyboard is installed in the vehicle. The driver uses it’s personal driver code to unlock the loading compartiment.

External keyboard

This keyboard can be mounted outside of the vehicle ( IP67 resistant) allowing control of the LimoLock’s without access to the vehicle.


The Block Control Unit, who controls the LimoLock and related peripherals supports external communication & monitoring

Remote Security Monitoring Enabled

By connecting the Block Control Unit to a communication unit remote monitoring of the full security perimeter is available.
M-Protects supports integration with 3rd party telematics providers over it’s API secured environment.

Additionally this security solution can be connected to Securitas Security Services allowing pan-european realtime security monitoring