Automatic protection with intelligent security locks

Steel security locks that will automatically lock your doors within 2 seconds.

An intelligent drive module connected to professional steel security locks ensure that the loading compartment can only be opened upon your command. In addition to the standard operation through a manual transmitter, you can also work with a key switch and/or PIN.
You can configure in a custom-made manner. Configurable times of use and when not in use, a weekend clock, time-linked opening of the loading compartment and geo-fence are possible. The full unlocking and locking management can be registered through the communication module.
In short, the ideal protection and security for all possible loading and storage compartments.

Integrable in vehicles.

Securing your loading compartiment.


M-protect offers a couple of ways to secure the load of your vehicles against theft.
Our solutions are personalized for every company, so we meet everyone’s need.


basiclock_slide - M-protect - Secure load space - Secure cargo - Secure van

Standard protection for vans and light-duty vehicles


limolock_slide - M-protect - Secure load space - Secure cargo - Secure van

LIMOLOCK – Premium protection for trucks, buses and containers

Not sure which solution suits your company best?

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