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M-Protect is a manufacturer of integrated high-end automotive security solutions.
We develop solutions securing the ignition of your vehicles and the access to their loading compartment.
Our solutions can be used to secure all types of vehicles ( car, vans, trucks and/or trailers), operate autonomously or integrated with onboard telematics solutions of your choice, to generate the most advanced security systems, tailored to your specific security needs.


Secure the access to your vehicle

Our solutions for vehicle security offer additional security layers to your vehicles or machines engine ignition;
secure them with only a 4 digit access-code,
secure them with a code determining the duration how long they can be used or
secure them with an anti-carjack solution, detecting the authorized driver is still behind the steering wheel.


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Intelligent Block System

The Intelligent Block System secures the ignition of your vehicle with a keypad and an according ignition code.

Intelligent Block System Rental

Secure your vehicles’ ignition with a code providing a definable time-lapse during which-one the vehicle can be used.

Intelligent Car Protect

Secure your vehicle with an anti-carjack module, detecting the authorized driver might not be in the vehicle any more.

Discover our solutions

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OEM Lock 

Secure the loading compartment of your vehicles by automatically closing the standard vehicle locks as soon as the doors are closed.

Basic Lock

Secure the loading compartment of your vehicles with a convenient electronic lock.


Secure the loading compartment of your vehicles with an advanced and hyper-robust electric lock


Secure the access to your loading compartment

Our solutions offer additional mechanical locks to secure your loading compartment. Going from a basic mechanical pen to digitaly controlled security lock systems allow intelligent lock schemes of your vehicles.


Looking to secure your environment with the best security on the market ?

If the door is opened or the driver identification sequence is not respected a carjack safety procedure is initiated

Secure your vehicle again carjacking

The LimoLock digital lock systems manage the access to the loading compartment

Secure the access to the loading compartment

If requested the complete vehicle security environment can be remotely monitored and managed to guarantee the maximal security level your goods require

Connected Vehicle Security


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