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M-protect offers a couple of ways to secure your vehicles against theft.

Our solutions are personalized for every company, so we meet everyone’s need.

Intelligent Block System

The Intelligent Block System secures the ignition of your vehicle with a keypad and an according ignition code. It records suspicious actions in your vehicles and warns you through a communication module. Optionally, the anti-car theft system can generate a silent alarm when someone tries to start the vehicle without an according pin code or when someone makes multiple attempts to enter the code. Only you are aware of suspicious activities in and around your car.

Intelligent Block System Rental

Secure your vehicle ignition with a code providing a definable time laps during which-one the vehicle can be use.

This way you can secure your vehicles by a calendar. You can determine that your vehicles can only be used from 6 am until 10 pm and only on weekdays. By using a master-code you can use the vehicle whenever you need to.

Intelligent Vehicle Protect

Secure your vehicle with an anti-carjack module detecting the authorised driver might not be in the vehicle anymore.

Specially focussed on carjacking, M-protect has small stations you can connect to your company cars. When a carjacker is driving in your vehicle, it will send out signals to turn the thief off: flashing lights and a claxon. When these signals are ignored, the engine will eventually shut down causing the thief to step out. Via a tracking system, you can then carefully check where the vehicle is located up to a few kilometres.

Use cases with our solutions

Car Rental

Secure the rental period of your vehicles with the IBS-Rent Solutions. At the start of the rental period you provide a user code to your customer unlocking the vehicle for the duration you defined while generating this code. Once this period is over the vehicle will not start until you provide a new time-based access code.

Construction engines

Equip your constructions engines with the IBS security solution and secure the ignition of your construction engines with a ignition secure access code. No code, no access. Change the code 1x per week or per construction site and keep your assets controlled at all time.

Anti-Carjack Protection

If the value of your vehicle or the combination of your vehicle and its load means the world to you or to your customers do not hesitate and secure your vehicle with our Intelligent Car Protect system. As soon as the system detects any abnormal operating it will initiate a carjack sequence requesting the rightful driver to identify himself. Without proper identification the vehicle will start signaling abuse with horn & lights and finaly go to a full stop and shut-off the engine.