Protect your vehicles with an anti-carjacking module. This module will detect whether the authorised driver is in the vehicle. The system has a silent and a loud alarm.

The loud alarm will be triggered if the vehicle moves without having entered the correct PIN. After a few minutes without the correct PIN, the lights will start to flash, the horn will be sounded and, once the vehicle is stopped, it will not restart in that order.

In addition to the loud alarm, there is a silent alarm. The driver can make use of this when he or she feels threatened. If the silent alarm button is pressed, a report will arrive at your telematics solution. Nothing can be noticed about the alarm in the vehicle itself.

Anti-carjacking Protection

If you transport a valuable load or if your vehicle is very important to you or your customers, your valuables will be secure with our Intelligent
Carjacking Protect solution.
As soon as a suspicious activity takes place in your vehicle, the system will detect this. The driver’s code will be requested again. If not entered correctly, the loud alarm will be triggered.

Intelligent control for the widest applications

Our intelligent control can be used in all types of applications when the security of your equipment is very important.
Anti-start or anti-carjacking systems can be linked to our lock systems so that the loading compartment will continue to be locked at all times if an abnormal start sequence takes place.
These systems can also be connected through telematics to any tracking system that can interpret and forward the input of our hardware solutions.


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Keypad with digits ranging from 0 to 9 that can be used to enter a code.

Remote Control

In addition to the keyboard, an additional remote control can be used to open the Basic Lock. You can use this when you want to increase user convenience.


The integrated buttons that can trigger the silent or loud alarm are extra in relation to this solution.

Control Unit

The analogue control unit (ILS) gives the Basic Lock the opening command after correct identification through remote control or through entering a PIN on the keypad


The anti-carjack makes the vehicle unmanageable in a few steps

Anti-Carjacking Operation

The anti-carjack makes the vehicle unmanageable in a few steps. These steps are in turn configurable with the
configurator tool on a PC. All time sequences of the carjack protocol are configurable.

The driver can still use his user code after the first steps, until the car is in full Hi-Jack mode, only the master code
will work at that time. The step after which that will happen is again configurable.

  •  Step 1: Identification beep, driver needs to enter his personal code
  • Step 2: Last warning beep
  • Step 3: another warning beep, 4 indicators start to blink uncontrollably
  • Step 4: If identification has not happened yet, the headlights of the vehicle start flaring
  • Step 5: Horn will start making noise
  • Step 6: We will tap into the blimp mode or take away the power of the engine


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