Intelligent Car Protect – ICP Basic 12v + antistart

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The Intelligent Carjack Protector is an after-theft-system which protects the vehicle against car jacking and home
jacking. After-theft-system means that in this case the device activates only after the actual theft took place and
after the thief – with the vehicle – left the scene of the crime!

The anti-carjack solution detects whether an authorized driver is behind the wheel of the vehicle by requesting an
authentication code to start the vehicle. Once the right driver code or authentication was detected the vehicle will
be able to start. If during the trip the systems detects one of the vehicles doors were opened it will request a reauthentication
of the driver. If the correct driver code or authentication method is not recognized, for example
after a carjacking, the vehicle will go in Carjack-mode and start an carjack-protocol.

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Intelligent Car Protect 12v – Anti-Carjack with antistart

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