• Depending on the type of commercial vehicle it is possible to link this system to the original remote control system of the vehicle.
  • M-Protect BasicLock


    The BasicLock is an automatic electronic lock securing the door of your cargo space automatically on closing. With a power of 200N and a INOX housing it definitely provides the required extra security for light commercial vehicles. The 2 cm thick steel pin assures a definite and solid locking of the loading compartment.  
  • The Intelligent Carjack Protector is an after-theft-system which protects the vehicle against car jacking and home jacking. After-theft-system means that in this case the device activates only after the actual theft took place and after the thief - with the vehicle - left the scene of the crime! The anti-carjack solution detects whether an authorized driver is behind the wheel of the vehicle by requesting an authentication code to start the vehicle. Once the right driver code or authentication was detected the vehicle will be able to start. If during the trip the systems detects one of the vehicles doors were opened it will request a reauthentication of the driver. If the correct driver code or authentication method is not recognized, for example after a carjacking, the vehicle will go in Carjack-mode and start an carjack-protocol.
  • The Intelligent Lock System (ILS) controller is intelligent module that allows to configure the behavior of the cargo locks. The ILS is considered as analogue Lock Controllers. It can control the original vehicle lock system or the M-Protect additional cargo locks based on a simple power output. If the cargo lock is powered the locking pin will open or close. Thanks to the ILS configuration tool all opening / closing timers and lock behavior can be configured based on the requested security configuration. The locks can be controlled by entering a personal user code or a master code into an illuminated keypad. The locks automatically close through the use of the magnetic sensors which detect door opening and closing.
  • Intelligent Block System - M-Protect - vehicle security - secure load - secure van - secure vehicle - secure car - secure truck
    The Intelligent Block system disconnects the fuel supply and the starting engine. Only with entering the right user or mastercode the two will be reconnected and the driver will be able to start the vehicle.

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