Security on the move is our specialty

M-Protect is a producer of high-end automotive integrated security solutions. Protecting commercial vehicles on the road is our speciality. Our products can be personalised to suit every company so that we can always provide a suitable solution. In addition, our solutions can be linked to the communication module of your choice.

Our products can be split into 2 categories:

Anti-theft or driver identification

On the one hand, we have vehicle security. For the protection of your vehicles or machines against illegal drivers or carjacking.

Your load behind bars

In addition, we protect the loading compartment of vehicles. Regardless of whether you transport goods in a car, van, truck, bus or container… M-Protect offers a suitable solution for every loading compartment.

What kind of vehicle do you want to secure?

Cargo van



Construction site machines

Passenger car

Rented vehicle

If the door is opened or the driver identification sequence is not respected a carjack safety procedure is initiated

Secure your vehicle again carjacking

The LimoLock digital lock systems manage the access to the loading compartment

Secure the access to the loading compartment

If requested the complete vehicle security environment can be remotely monitored and managed to guarantee the maximal security level your goods require

Connected Vehicle Security

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